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Minneapolis among the top ten cities nationwide for Millennial density; #1 in Midwest

​Minneapolis is a leader in regards to its density of 25-34 year olds—the older Millennials who are most likely to be out of college and in the workforce. Among all U.S. cities with at least 100,000 residents, Minneapolis ranks 9th with 22% of its population falling between the ages of 25 to 34 years.

If coastal cities were excluded from this analysis, Minneapolis would be first in the nation. Millennials tend to be found in greater concentrations near large universities in cities like Boston/Cambridge and DC/Arlington/Alexandria. The University of Minnesota is the seventh largest public university in the nation by enrollment. Its student body also tends to be one of the “stickiest,” i.e., most likely to remain in Minneapolis post-graduation.

JLL recently reported how Minneapolis’ Millennials have the highest rates of homeownership. All signs indicate that young professionals have a lot of influence in the MSP metro. The savviest employers are keeping that in mind.

Source: JLL Research, US Census Bureau​

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