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Salt Lake shows balanced economy amongst five highest paying industries in Mountain West

Amongst the top five paying industries in the Mountain West region Salt Lake exhibits a balanced economy as shown by location quotients clustered near the 1.0 national average. The higher above a 1.0 location quotient the higher the economy relies on that industry. Salt Lake averages a 1.1 location quotient for the five highest paying industries showing a more even distribution compared to the rest of its economy.

Denver comes in with the largest reliance on high-end industries with a 1.4 average location quotient, while Las Vegas represents the opposite with a 0.7 average location quotient showing more reliance on lower paying industries. While Salt Lake and Phoenix show higher concentrations of computer and mathematical occupations and Boise relies more on architecture and engineering they each show a proportional distribution with average location quotients nearer to 1.0.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, JLL Research

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