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The top ten markets at a glance: the link between industrial real estate and population growth­

Where are people moving and is the logistics market keeping pace? Since 2015, the Sunbelt region, especially markets like Texas, Inland Empire and Atlanta are a clear winner attracting domestic and international migration—the industrial market size in these regions have grown by nearly 10.0 percent.

• In our comparative analysis, our research shows major population hubs and land constraint coastal markets like Los Angeles, New Jersey and South Florida are positioned in the lower left quadrant. Given the challenges of near all-time-high rents, pricier land options and lack of readily available buildable land—all combined have led to slower inventory growth in the past few years.

How will population trends impact the logistics market? Based on 2022 projections population is expected to increase by nearly 10.0 percent in Dallas & Houston—providing investors opportunities to expand their industrial real estate footprint to accommodate for increased demand. 

Source: JLL Research, US Census Bureau, ESRI

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