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The New World of Retail

The United States continues to dominate the world of international and luxury retail.

Despite the allure of developing countries like China and India, the United States reigns supreme for several reasons.

  1. Population growth continues to rapidly expand, providing an ample supply of current and future shoppers.
  2. Strong district markets, driven by people flocking to urban areas, offer unique opportunities for expanding retailers.
  3. The rise of Millennials and their demand for novelty experiences is fueling new and innovative retail concepts across the country.

If you're considering expansion to the United States, The New World of Retail is for you. This analysis of the U.S. retail market will give you a comprehensive understanding of the country's potential for your brand or retail investment strategy.

  • See how 19 top U.S. retail markets rank on their viability for retailers, based on current retailer presence, growth potential, leasing performance, and demand strength.
  • Find out about current consumer trends, including how demographics, economic factors and location impact shopping behavior.
  • Learn about the top retail trends in the States, with a focus on luxury and fast fashion concepts.

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