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Retail fun & fashion (with Dave & Buster’s Alan Lacy)

James talks with Alan Lacy, the Chairman of the Board at Dave & Buster's and former CEO of Sears. Alan speaks frankly about discount retail, department stores, fast fashion, the grocery sector and more.

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Restaurants take a bigger bite of retail real estate

By 2025 20% of all retail space will be occupied by food and beverage tenants. How can you plan for the future of food service?

H1 2017 U.S. Retail Investment Outlook

Investors slow retail investment by 18.7 percent at mid-year while awaiting the effects of e-commerce

Why so many store closures?

Explore the impact of e-commerce on brick and mortar stores, how the store experience is changing and which retailers are actually expanding.

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Where We Buy

A JLL podcast about the things we buy and the places we buy them. Hosted by James Cook.

Real Views: Retail

The latest national, regional and global trends we're watching in retail.

The Investor: Retail sector

Insights and articles for the retail investor, from our experts across the globe.

Retail property clock

Our property clock gives you an at-a-glance view at macro conditions across retail markets.

Retail investment opportunities

Search and sort global retail investment opportunities by property name, region and more.