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U.S. homeownership trends

National homeownership rates remain near all-time lows.

The United States continues to evolve into a nation of renters, with homeownership falling to its lowest rate since the end of 1967. 

  • Homeownership dropped to 65.3% in Q1 and continues to decline across the U.S. except in the Midwest, which saw a .3% increase. The Northeast reported the strongest decline at .7%
  • Despite homeownership decline, home values are increasing​. Home values have appreciated in excess of 5.0% for more than eight consecutive quarters. 
  • Gen X homeownership gains a drop in the bucket.  Homeownership among Gen Xers has increased. 5% since the beginning of 2016, but this figure is still down 14.5% over the last decade.
  • Homeownership lags most in major west coast metros. ​Western markets make up seven of the 10 cities with lowest homeownership rates. Each is more than 5% lower than the national average.

For a thorough analysis, click through the report below, or on SlideShare.