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Outsourcing your real estate decisions

Save money, reduce overhead: The real value in real estate outsourcing.

Having the proper commercial real estate strategy is essential for energy companies—both big and small—in the war to win the best talent while minimizing operating costs.

It’s no longer just about finding the cheapest way to house your operations. When it comes to determining a company’s ability to attract and retain talent, having the right real estate is arguably second only to compensation.

Trained consultants are ready to help your company tackle the many challenges that come with any modern portfolio by bringing solutions that encompass all aspects of the real estate process.

Daily, professional asset management

Partnering with commercial real estate professionals provides you access to real-time market data, analyses and solutions that help properly measure occupancy utilization, minimizing your risk and ensuring flexibility and protection against occupancy cost hikes.

Facilities management

Don't let a broken water heater or leaky pipe disrupt your operations. When you outsource your real estate, a trained facilities management professional is ready to tackle problems like these for you, saving your firm money and time that can be reinvested elsewhere.

Positioning your firm for the future

A external real estate partner can aid your decision-making process through a strategic approach that accounts for all steps of the leasing process.

From finding the right sites to support additional oil and gas exploration to managing industrial warehouse used for distribution, your real estate advisor will negotiate the best possible agreement that not only saves you money upfront, but gives you the flexibility to adapt should your needs change.

Lease evaluation

Never again be caught flatfooted with an expiring lease and nowhere to turn. Professional lease evaluation assures you'll minimize wasteful excess spending on space you don't need, giving you options to sublet or contract surplus space, or even terminate your lease entirely.

Learn more: For more on why outsourcing your real estate decisions is the right call, download our complete whitepaper.