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2017 United States Banking Outlook

The banking industry has forever changed. Market superiority is no longer simply about who has the most “bricks.” It’s about how effectively your bank can deliver its services to customers. That means remote, anytime, anywhere access for transactions.

Billions will be saved in annual real estate costs as banks increasingly connect through mobile apps and fintech. This online evolution lets banks serve their customers’ needs more efficiently while keeping costs in check. Though change doesn’t happen overnight.

New openings

Branch banking remains a major part of the industry. As of Q1 2017, there were around 90,000 branches across the United States. Those branches in good locations remain competitive and branch openings are still taking place nationwide.

How many branches are in your market?

Recent closings

New growth doesn’t negate challenges. Even high-growth areas like Florida and Texas have seen their share of branch reductions in recent years.

Bank branch growth and retraction by metro area

Select a market on our interactive map below for a detailed branch count breakdown since 2010.

So, what does the future hold for the industry?

Here are five things to keep an eye on in the coming months:

​For a deeper dive into the current state of branch banking, the evolution of the branch model and the shifting customer trends that are reshaping the industry, download our complete 2017 Banking Outlook.

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