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​Underlying real estate markets to remain relatively steady

The election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States has raised questions about what this means for the real estate industry, U.S. policies and the economy.

In short: We expect underlying real estate markets to remain relatively steady although political headlines and, potentially, financial markets may be volatile until policy details are defined and implemented.

For more: Our 2016 Election Impact report offers specifics regarding: 

  • Market’s reaction
  • Policy and economic implications
  • Real estate implications
  • Sector impact

Downlo​ad your copy now​ for a thorough analysis. 

How did we get here? 

The past eight years have been filled with economic ups and downs, but in recent years, success has trounced challenges.​​

Our Res​earch team is proud to present you an interactive Tableau analysis of past administrations that demonstrate how policy and business intersect. ​​​​


Take a look at our U.S. property clock during the Obama Administration​

Property clock during the Obama Administration

Contrasting recent economic and commercial real estate activity with the functionality of Washington begs the question, do politics matter? Political posturing might not matter; policies do matter. Our research also highlights seven key policy areas that provide an opportunity for economic and real estate momentum to build over the next four to eight years. Download our Countdown to the Election report to learn more.​​


What are these seven key policy area​s?


Questions about our detailed view on the implications of the election? Contact John.

John Sikaitis

Managing Director

United States

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