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What's stealing our thunder?

What could put a damper on strong retail sales, positive consumer sentiment and a very tight labor market? How about a potential trade war between the U.S. and China? And how could that impact commercial real estate?

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Retail revs up

Hear ye, hear ye—retail is not dead! Consumers pushed retail spending up in March and are expected to continue pulling out the pocketbooks through the second and third quarters of this year. Good news for the retail sector but commercial real estate overall should prepare for rising cap rates.

Building stores for the future

Jean-Pierre "JP" Lacroix of Shikatani Lacroix Design shows how technology has blurred the lines between the physical and digital world, both in the store and in the retail design process.

Employment trends: The forecast for 2018 looks good

Unemployment held steady at 4.1 percent in December 2017. A combination of widespread positive fundamentals, from consumer spending to business investment, is keeping the outlook for 2018 optimistic.

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