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Retail Market Report

United States

Report | United States Retail Outlook - Q4 2010


The giant stirs.  Retail is awakening from its protracted slumber.  Fundamentals continue to improve and point to improved economic conditions in the coming months.  Two remaining question marks—employment and housing—will determine the ultimate outcome of the overall recovery and retail in particular.

More leasing activity is expected in 2011, although it’s still overall a buyer’s market.  Of 15 major retail markets, only Houston is experiencing rising retail rents.  Expect to see some upset in retailer composition as some categories rise and others fall. 

Both malls and REITs shine in the retail capital market, as activity accelerates and cap rates decline.  Among trends to watch:
  • With landlords willing to negotiate generous deals to fill vacancies, grocery stores are heading back to the malls.
  • More luxury retailers are turning to outlet stores to reach a wider audience at discounted rates without hurting their image.

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