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United States | Los Angeles, CA; Oakland / East Bay, CA; Orange County, CA; Portland, OR;
Sacramento, CA; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Silicon Valley, CA

Report | West Coast economic and office overview - Q2 2016


​The West Coast continues to outperform the rest of the United States, posting sustained occupancy and rent growth, below-average vacancy and record development activity. Fueled by tech, creative industries and skilled professional services, these markets are some of the most active and dynamic in the country. Space constraints and escalating occupancy costs have opened up new submarkets and micromarkets to tenants, underscored capital value growth and fueled intra-regional expansion to take advantage of a growing talent pool and buffer against increasingly apparent talent shortages. Throughout the remainder of 2016 and into 2017, we expect that the West Coast will keep this momentum, with shifts to more softening conditions gradually over the coming quarters as new space comes to the market, tenants move or expand into new space and the rate of job growth begins to slow as unemployment reaches its natural low.

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