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United States

Report | United States Employment Update - March 2016


​After a slow January, February's 242,000 net new jobs demonstrated a return to healthier growth. Decreases in marginally detached workers, improved employee confidence and small-but-significant gains in the active labor force kept unemployment at 4.9 percent, but allowed total unemployment to drop to just 9.7 percent, the lowest figure seen since before the recession. Industry drivers were more mixed: education and health, retail trade and leisure and hospitality all came to the forefront for the second month in a row, eclipsing professional and business services, which led additions for much of the recovery until recently. The labor market's steady gains in spite of increasing global uncertainty will likely mean that growth will remain stable throughout much of 2016, although certain sectors such as energy, trade and manufacturing will be more at risk of fluctuation due to volatility in both domestic and international demand as well as currency strength.​

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