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United States | Fairfield County, CT

Report | Fairfield Office Insight - Q3 2015


Vacancy rates in Fairfield County have reached historic highs in select submarkets, while bottoming to historic lows in others. 

In Stamford CBD, only 65.5 percent of space is currently leased, with the total vacancy rate up to 34.5 percent. During the third quarter, the average size of transactions in the area decreased by 15.4 percent, which helps explain the significant amount of large, vacant blocks of space throughout Stamford. 

The lowest vacancy rate in the county lies in the Route 7 Corridor which now has a direct vacancy rate of 10.3 percent. Leases in this submarket were on average 24.0 percent larger than those in Stamford CBD.

Learn more about what’s happening—and what we expect to occur in the coming months—in the Fairfield County office market.

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