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Industrial Report

United States

Report | U.S. Port, Airport and Global Infrastructure Outlook - Summer 2010


Improving trade volumes have led to cautious optimism around gateway markets.  Many ports are pursuing massive infrastructure and modernization plans to compete for market share as global containerized trade begins to recover. Air freight volumes have taken off relatively smoothly after the recession. 

Gateway logistics markets, long regarded as domestic bellwethers are far from thriving.  Vacancy increases are slowing, but demand for warehouse and distribution space remains critically low.  However, port-centric markets remain 1.6% below the U.S. average industrial real estate vacancy rate of 10.6%.

Ports with multimodal capabilities will be in the best position to grow when trade rebounds.  The largest U.S. ports have made major financial commitments to stay competitive.  Still, they are challenged by nations with looser investment and security regulations such as China, now home to six of the world’s top 10 container ports.

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