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Capital Markets Outlook

United States

Report | International Capital Sources U.S. Inflows - Winter 2014


​Real estate investment options are growing more limited in some foreign domestic markets, and more players continue to look to the U.S. for further opportunities for capital appreciation and income yield associated with the asset class.  Over the past year, Canada, China and Australia comprised the top three foreign sources of U.S. real estate capital across all property types in aggregate, and others are constantly emerging.  There is an anticipated surge in activity expected this year from Singapore, S. Korea and China, which is exporting capital on a large and increasing scale.  If FIRPTA rules change, we could see increased allocations from additional pension and sovereign wealth funds, as more capital finds a new home within the prominent U.S.  Read more on the specific property and market targets, and the reasoning, of some of the various key foreign players.​

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