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Report | U.S. State and Metro Employment Perspective - May 2012


In total non-farm employment, California, New York and Texas remain leaders in overall job growth, while states dominated by the energy sector such as Oklahoma, North Dakota and Utah are creating jobs far faster than the national average. Very few states decreased non-farm employment, and those that did saw only marginally small losses. There is no clear pattern to states that lost non-farm jobs on a monthly or year-on-year basis.
At the metropolitan level, unemployment dropped significantly across the board. We keep saying it, but tech and energy are the clear drivers in the recovery; Houston, Silicon Valley, Austin, Phoenix, Denver, San Francisco and Seattle are the fastest-growing non-farm metro areas, in order. On the other hand, mid-sized markets were the slowest: Cleveland, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Sacramento and Hampton Roads. Even in metropolitan areas that on average are growing only slowly, niche and city-specific industries continue to make significant gains. We have compiled a list of these industries and their respective metropolitan areas where growth (or loss in some cases) was notable.


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