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Report | Made in America–A case for U.S. manufacturing


Despite popular misconceptions, manufacturing in the United States is stronger than ever. From production through delivery, what should companies consider to make optimal site selection decisions?
Although the number of manufacturing jobs in the United States has trended down for the last 40 years, productivity is at an all-time high and output remains extremely healthy.  The myth that America doesn’t “make” anything anymore, obscures the real truth and significance of what we produce as a nation.
Globalization has created both challenges and opportunities for manufacturers, but as recent events like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and unrest in the Middle East make brutally clear - disruptions in supply chains can reverberate around the world and erode profits long after the initial shock.
This white paper explores the complexity of site selection for manufacturing operations in the United States, with particular detail on considerations such as total delivered costs, supply chain infrastructure, work force characteristics, proximity to customers and suppliers, business tax climates, economic incentives and risk mitigation.

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