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Is China the “Great Wall of Opportunity” for our logistics sector?

The world’s most populous nation is maturing from an export-driven developing economy to a consumer-driven developed economy. Are you ready to capitalize on any new opportunities?

China is evolving from an export-driven manufacturing economy to a more balanced consumer-driven developed economy, and its logistics landscape is under pressure to adapt. China’s evolution has driven three key trends: The rise of the domestic middle class, rising wages and diminished cost advantages in manufacturing and rapid development of domestic infrastructure. These trends are creating long-term opportunities for U.S. companies. China is still learning how to transport, warehouse and market goods in the modern global economy. U.S. companies have hard-won experience in these disciplines and have tremendous room to apply their talents in China where rapid growth has created some of the most dynamic urban economies in the world (see “China 50” report).

China is seeking a balance between retaining a leadership position in global manufacturing and catering to the needs of an influential domestic and increasingly urbanized population. This balancing act offers opportunities for U.S. companies to tap a potent new consumer base within China. Exports to China are already having an impact on U.S. inland ports, but there is also an increasing demand for modern logistics space in China.

Our white paper gives U.S. companies critical insight into China’s supply chain and logistics network. U.S. firms pursuing leasing and development in China’s maturing market will benefit from the report’s strategic insight on supply chain and transportation decisions, warehouse site-selection and lease negotiation.

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