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Ambitious Thinking: Smart Cities

Job growth is happening in both the CBDs and the suburbs. But educated adults are increasingly city dwellers. What that means for companies seeking talent, and the investors who buy the buildings in which they work…

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Engagement, empowerment and fulfillment are what employees crave

How do you make your company stand out among the crowd? By focusing on the human experience within your workplace.

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Coworking's unstoppable market growth

After more than nine years of economic growth, employers are having a tough time finding talent and occupancy growth is slowing. With that, the flexible space/coworking sector has emerged as the primary growth driver within the office market.

The State of Construction Technology – 2018

Investment volume of 2018 is already up nearly 30 percent over the 2017 total and there's still another six months left in the year. This traction goes to prove ConTech's budding allure to users and investors alike.

Occupancy planning is all about balance

Too much office space is a waste of capital. Too little can hurt productivity. Improve your space use by seeing how others are trying to get it right.

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