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Healthcare Solutions

Putting the spoke before the hub

Healthcare has reached a major inflection point in its evolution; one that will inevitably flip or at least alter the prevailing perception of the central role that hospitals play in delivering care. As ambulatory care plays an increasingly central role in the new model, health systems need to take a fresh look at their facility strategies, from site location to design to operations, as a way to enhance care delivery, attract physicians and manage costs. Are you ready for the future of healthcare delivery?

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What do you need to know about consolidation?
In the complex landscape of healthcare systems, there has been growing pressure for consolidation. But are hospitals fully thinking through the move to acquire or be acquired? A lot goes into a successful acquisition than just a one-time financial transaction, and understanding the full impact of consolidation will force them to eat or be eaten.


What trends are evolving the healthcare delivery?
How can healthcare systems evaluate and design the right ambulatory strategy?

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Point of view

How can you adapt to coordinated healthcare?
For decades, the model for delivering healthcare in the U.S. has been slowly decentralizing, as an increasing number of surgical procedures are performed at ambulatory care facilities.

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