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ProSite Assessments Suite

Proven, professional expertise for proactive decisions about your buildings.

​​​​There’s more to your buildings than square feet. When you get a comprehensive view of your most critical assets, you can prioritize capital and resources, and make decisions that drive value—for your people, your customers and your business. Our certified, industry-leading professionals provide expert evaluation in four key areas—Condition, Technical, Critical Environments and Energy.

Take advantage of our economies of scale and benefit from local, in-market experts delivering impeccable intelligence from individual sites or across your portfolio. You will realize the tremendous value in:

  • Smarter capital planning based on better data
  • Consistency across your portfolio
  • Greater lease or sale value
  • Portfolio justification
  • Ease/Affordability - no up-front investments or pre-work
  • Benchmarking for internal and external purposes

Benefit from proven, professional and proactive assessments with ProSiteSMLearn more.

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