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Real estate portfolio management software that gives you data intelligence and analytics to turn real estate actions into business results.

Real estate is often seen as just a cost. An inflexible, long-term expense. A drag on balance sheets. But it doesn't have to be that way.

PortfolioCommand from JLL offers a new approach to portfolio management. It gathers and analyzes portfolio and market data, and identifies opportunities to maximize use of space and reduce costs. This real estate portfolio management software, paired with expert insight from a JLL team that understands your business needs and goals, helps you make smarter, faster real estate decisions that save costs and increase profitability.

Our PortfolioCommand technology and service provides:

  • Alignment: A dedicated portfolio manager who understands your business, and uses PortfolioCommand analysis to make recommendations based on your objectives.
  • Strategy: Informed by data analytics and business intelligence, the portfolio manager develops a strategy, prioritizes optimization opportunities and actions, and creates your business' plan.
  • Business Intelligence: Identify trends, anomalies, correlations and ultimately opportunities hidden in your real estate data. Insight that used to take months to pull together now happens in minutes.
  • Execution: PortfolioCommand is integrated with our transaction advisory platform, so the plan is executed seamlessly.

Ensure your portfolio creates value and delivers results

Is your real estate portfolio driving productivity?

Align your real estate portfolio with your business's goals so you can make smarter, faster and better decisions that will: help cost cuts without impacting employee productivity.

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Separating myth from truth about demand forecasting

When it comes to real estate portfolio management, demand forecasting is anything but easy. However, the implications of not actively participating in demand forecasting can leave you unprepared and, ultimately, be detrimental to your business. Demystify demand forecasting by learning the reality about the four most common myths.

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