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Our people

Current Responsibilities

Cynthia Daleigh manages the State of Colorado portfolio which includes maintaining and administering the State's web-based contract database of 500 lease files. She is also responsible for the preparation of real-estate documentation for the State as well as analyzing / implementing compliance of the portfolio with changing legal obligations (including real estate tax and annual operating expense reconciliations).  She also organizes and abstracts portfolios for numerous other clients.


Cynthia has thirty years of experience in commercial property and lease management. She was an Honorarium Professor for four years at the Graduate School of Business, University of Colorado at Denver. Prior to the 2008 merger with JLL, Cynthia was with The Staubach Company for two and one-half years.

Education and Affiliations

Cynthia received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Psychology; a Master of Business Administration degree in Operations Management and a Master of Science degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of Colorado at Denver. She also has her State of Colorado brokerage license.


  • Developed training program for lease administration web-based database
  • Provided training in annual operating expense reconciliation and real estate tax exempt program for State of Colorado