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Our people

Current responsibilities
Tracy Barnett joined JLL in 2016 as Senior Vice President and Account Manager. In this role, she focuses on business development, client relationship management and ensuring the support and success of her team’s Program Directors to drive innovation and establish a service delivery model.

Business Development/Pursuit Strategy, strategic client relationship management, portfolio planning, workplace strategy, strategic/scenario planning, space management/space planning, occupancy planning and space utilization, construction management

Years of experience
Tracy has over 17 years of experience in the corporate solutions and management roles. 

Prior to joining JLL, Tracy worked for BRG, which was aquired by JLL in 2016. At BRG Tracy worked her way from program director to a senior director of workplace management solutions. Before BRG, Tracey held positions consulting and managing for ASOS USA and RSL: Resources for Senior Living. 

Key assignments

  • American international banking: extensive construction and project management, managed complex projects from inception to completion, overseeing resources, ensuring quality and compliance of interior construction, maintained budget 
  • North Carolina education agency: evaluated, developed and established processes and workplace management master plans; Worked closely with all individuals involved, ensuring client’s goals are met and project is delivered to client standards 

Tracy attended the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Management, with a concentration in Building Construction.

Tracy retains her CoreNet Global MCR Certification and is currently a part of the CoreNet Global MCR Faculty.