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Our people

​Current responsibilities
Kevin Zimmer joined JLL in 2016. He serves as the Vice President of JLL Technology Solutions, ARCHIBUS Practice Operations. Kevin is responsible for overseeing operations and development for our IWMS/CAFM implementations. 

Management, technology solutions, consulting, workplace strategy, technology skills include: ARCHIBUS (Certified), Oracle, SQL Server, Toad, ODBC/JDBC, Oracle SQUL Loader, MS SQL DTS, SQL, Perl, VB/Macro, ASP, JSP, HTML, and HL7 

Years of experience
Kevin has more than 12 years of experience in management and technology consulting. 

Most recently, Kevin worked as a Director of Technology Services, ARCHIBUS practice, at BRG, a workplace management and consulting firm that was acquired by JLL in 2016.

During his six years there, Kevin provided technology strategy and guidance to the development team, consulting practice and customers, and ensured a consistent approach to implementations. Prior to BRG, Kevin held managing positions within ASOS USA, Wachovia, and Arrendale Associates Inc.

Key transactions

  • Technology Deployment: Designed, developed and implemented many custom interfaces used to integrate valuable customer data using multiple DBMS platforms and development strategies; managed technical services team, providing technology strategy and guidance and establishing testing methodologies, as well as overseeing the support desk center
  • Healthcare Industry Alignment:  Designed, built, tested, and supported techmnology implementation across multiple facilities 


  • 2013, ARCHIBUS Best Customer Service and Support Award of Excellence

Kevin graduated from East Coast Polytech Institute with his Bachelors Degree in Network Security. He is also an ARCHIBUS Certified Professional.