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Our people

Current responsibilities
As Sr. GIS Analyst, Damon Sather is responsible for National Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services for Office, Industrial, IPS, and Marketing.  Damon handles mapping and spatial analysis solutions for a wide variety of projects, including ZIP Code maps, commute (driving/transit) analysis, property & portfolio maps, competition & client maps, demographic analysis, multi-variable heat maps, JLL location comparisons, amenity maps and many more.  Damon also manages ESRI licensing for ArcGIS On-Line and Business Analyst On-Line services.

List specialties by service, industry and asset type. Wherever possible, use the terms that appear on our U.S. services page.

Years of experience
19 Years of GIS Experience, with JLL since May, 2014.

Damon has been working in the GIS Industry for 19 years.  The most recent positions were at Navteq (now HERE Maps), Rand McNally, SRF Consulting and US Fish & Wildlife Service.

2007 -  Masters in Geographic Information Science, GIS, University of Minnesota