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Our people

​Current responsibilities
Ed Nolan is a Managing Director with the Strategic Consulting group and based in the Chicago office. Ed currently leads the Workplace Strategy practice for the central United States.

Ed has over 15 years’ experience developing and implementing enterprise-wide strategies to realize more value from the workplace. He has a proven track record for delivering positive workplace experiences using an analytical approach to workplace strategy development, resulting in optimized real estate efficiency and increased workforce satisfaction. 

Ed has successfully lead large workplace change initiatives, built teams, and influenced at all levels of organizations. His past experience as the business sponsor for multiple large workplace change initiatives enables him to develop strong connection with teams facing similar changes. 

Ed helps clients achieve their workplace objectives using leading change management methods, integrated business processes and technologies that meet the expectations of employees.

Years of experience
15+ years

Ed served as Hewlett-Packard’s Director of Global Workplace for 13 years. He initiated, designed and grew HP’s corporate workplace strategy from local inception to a global competitive advantage serving 400,000 workers at 700-plus sites in 60M SF of space. 

During Ed’s tenure, HP’s Global Workplace Initiative delivered employee satisfaction ratings exceeding 75%, reduced SF per head by 50%, and returned $500M in annual savings. 

HP’s Global Workplace initiative was industry recognized for alignment with HP’s goals, a fact-based voice of the customer approach to driving workplace change, and strong integration across real estate, information technology, and human resources in delivering the flexible environment desired by employees.

In the two years prior to joining JLL, Ed served as Director of Enterprise Business Development for LiquidSpace, the largest real-time marketplace for professional meeting and office spaces. 

Ed built the company’s enterprise business from inception, including partnerships with JLL and Marriott to consult clients on workplace strategy and alternative workplace solutions including workspace-on-demand.

Key clients
• Hewlett-Packard
• Accenture
• AT&T
• Deloitte
• Marriott
• State Farm
• Steelcase

Ed earned his Masters of Business Administration at the University of Illinois, and his Bachelor of Arts from Duke University. 

He is a graduate of HP’s Top 3% Potential Program, and Duke University’s Functional Manager Program. 

Ed has professional affiliations with CoreNet, IFMA, NewWow, and Workplace Evolutionaries. He is a quoted and published workplace expert in numerous publications including CoreNet’s LEADER Magazine.