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Our people

​​Current responsibilities
Katherine Billingsley is a Research Analyst covering the East Bay and Oakland office markets. Her responsibilities include observing and analyzing current trends in the market and providing information on market conditions and forecasts. Katherine produces monthly and quarterly reports that provide detailed information on economic trends, leasing activity, and other relevant market trends.

In addition, Katherine contributes to national research, including the Banking and Finance Office Outlook and High-Technology Office Outlook.

Prior to joining JLL, Katherine was a full-time student at CSU Sacramento. In 2013, she joined the Economics Exchange Program as a mentee, and later transitioned to a Student Mentor.

In 2014, Katherine focused on low-income families and the labor market, and completed an economic report on Labor Supply and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Katherine received her B.A. degree in Economics from California State University, Sacramento. She has a strong interest in employment and the labor market, urban economics, and resource economics.