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Our people

Current responsibilities
Leslie Sullivan is a Project Manager with Jones Lang LaSalle’s Project and Development Services Group located in Houston, Texas.  She has over 15 years of experience in real estate services, which encompasses managing facilities, data centers, managing 60 properties, approving land acquisitions, and managing construction projects.  She has also defended a $300 million construction and expansion budget.

Project & Development Services

Years of experience
15+ years

Ms. Sullivan has worked primarily for major financial institutions: Deloitte and Touche, Citigroup, The Associates, BBVA, BBVA Compass, and Invesco.  She is currently working with Invesco on developing a strategic plan for all locations in Illinois, deciding if co-location is ideal. She is concurrently working with Invesco’s Boston locations, locking in real estate and planning the construction projects to begin in Boston’s prestigious Financial Center. 

Ms. Sullivan’s project experience has been diversified — renovation of call center (180,000 sf), data center (10,000 sf), after 911 she built a contained and fully sustainable mail and sorting room with its own HVAC system (25,000 sf), renovated numerous floors (25,000-35,000 sf), worked with design groups on remodeling and refurnishing, oversaw move management projects.

Ms. Sullivan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Communications/Writing from the University of Pittsburgh

• Texas Real Estate License
• National Association of Female Executives
• Active member of Habitat for Humanity, United Way Champion, Copperfield Women’s Club, Big Sister (BBBS)