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Our people

Current responsibilities
Cynthia Pearl is the co-leader of Retail Development Strategy (RDS). This specialty research group provides predictive analytics and custom Geographic Information Systems on behalf of retailers, and feasibility analysis on behalf of shopping center owners, developers, and investors. 

The bulk of Cynthia's responsibilities include identifying solutions for clients including customer profile, store performance analysis, sales forecasting, cannibalization for retailers and supportable size analysis for new development, retail opportunity sector analysis and tenant mix optimization for shopping center owners.

Cynthia is a senior retail research professional with more than 20 years of experience. Her extensive experience, including strategic analysis and modeling allows her to easily assess clients’ research needs and design solutions to understand who the clients’ customers are, where those customers are located and ultimately creating market strategies to serve that customer.

Prior to joining JLL, Cynthia worked as a Director of Research with The Standard Group, where she led the research and Geographic Information System services. 

At Kmart, she specialized in creating market strategies, particularly in urban environments, and acquisition analysis.  She started her career as a location analyst at Thompson Associates (now Pitney Bowes Predictive Analytics). 

Cynthia received a bachelor of arts degree in International Affairs and a Masters of Arts in Geography, specializing in urban economic development, both from the University of Cincinnati.