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U.S. Seaport Outlook 2012

Seaports present opportunities even in a listing global economy

Jones Lang LaSalle's port coverage features an in-depth examination of the United States' most active commercial ports. Vivid aerials call out key components. Property clocks help to time the market. And a condensed format allows for easy side-by-side comparisons. Readers now have access to striking statistics detailing cargo movement, real estate trends and the massive infrastructure planned to attract the worlds' next generation of seagoing vessels. Jones Lang LaSalle is pleased to offer readers its most comprehensive look at port activity ever published; aiming to both inform and reveal opportunity. We invite you to take a moment to see how this new local analysis can benefit you.

Score and methodology

This year, we have a completely revamped PAGI score. For our third release of the score, we incorporated valuable feedback from industry experts from ports as well as shippers and users of industrial real estate. The result is a more robust score that measures ports on 25 metrics. Each port now has a shipping and commercial real estate score, that combined, make up their 2012 PAGI score. Some of the new metrics measure availability of blocks of space, the age of existing real estate stock, readiness for post-Panamax ships, service lines calling on the port, and the size of market served.

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PAGI U.S. Seaport Outlook 2012

PAGI Outlook authors Daniel Fenton and Aaron Ahlburn discuss key findings from the report.

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U.S. Seaport 2012 Highlights

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U.S. Seaport 2012 Market Scores

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