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Preparedness checklist

Lease Accounting Preparedness Checklist

FASB and the IASB are introducing new lease accounting standards (“new standards”) that will dramatically affect every organization that holds a lease (including all property, plant and equipment). The impact of the changes will run throughout the organization, from corporate real estate and finance to technology and human resources.

At the highest level, true readiness means your company:

  • Is positioned to lead and manage a cross-functional team that would conduct an initial assessment and manage the ongoing governance process
  • Has the organizational ability to complete the initial due diligence and drive the necessary process changes
  • Has the level of detail on your portfolio you need to conduct the due diligence and an assessment
  • Can build and maintain the organizational structure, process capability and human capability to support and lead a proactive, dynamic lease accounting and change management process

To help you prepare your organization for the changes, we have assembled a comprehensive set of actions that are necessary to comply with the new standards and optimize your strategic and operational results. We have aligned resources against each set of activities to provide further insight and assistance.

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