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U.S. Investment Outlook: Expanding supply of domestic and foreign capital is shifting the environment.

U.S. cities are dominating global activity, accounting for seven of the ten most active markets in the first half of 2015. See and overview of U.S. commercial real estate investment activity and outlook, or dig into your property type of interest.

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United States Homeownership Trends - Q2 2015/united-states/en-us/research/6172/US-Homeownership-Trends-Q2-2015-JLLUnited States Homeownership Trends - Q2 2015As the U.S. homeownership rate continues to decline, renter-occupied housing increases by nearly two million year-over-year.
Hotels Investment Outlook - Q2 2015/united-states/en-us/research/6125/US-Hotels-Investment-Outlook-Q2-2015-JLLHotels Investment Outlook - Q2 2015Encouraging fundamentals and rising interest from foreign capital sources drive surge in U.S. hotel investment.
Industrial Investment Outlook - Q2 2015/united-states/en-us/research/6126/US-Industrial-Investment-Outlook-Q2-2015-JLLIndustrial Investment Outlook - Q2 2015As record levels of large-scale, offshore-driven acquisitions catalyze investment, strong capital demand seeking product and yield.
United States Investment Outlook - Q2 2015/united-states/en-us/research/6127/US-Investment-Outlook-Q2-2015-JLLUnited States Investment Outlook - Q2 2015​An expanding supply of domestic and foreign capital is shifting the U.S. transaction environment.
Multifamily Investment Outlook - Q2 2015/united-states/en-us/research/6128/US-Multifamily-Investment-Outlook-Q2-2015-JLLMultifamily Investment Outlook - Q2 2015With yields above prior peak levels, structural shifts and pervasive market performance are supporting continued historic multifamily investment levels.
Office Investment Outlook - Q2 2015/united-states/en-us/research/6130/US-Office-Investment-Outlook-Q2-2015-JLLOffice Investment Outlook - Q2 2015While core investment is trending up in secondary markets, primary markets and expanding large-deal activity are driving office investment.

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Tom Fish of JLL explains that there is a continued desire to acquire properties at good yields.

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