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iRealEstate: will wearable technology revolutionize the industry?

By @JLLNews


In reaction to Apple's iWatch, the latest product launch expected early 2015, JLL highlights the trend towards smart, wearable technology penetrating the increasingly tech-savvy corporate real estate sector.

"The boom in wearable technology represents the next phase in a revolution shaping corporate real estate, namely the immediate need for real-time data and analytics. Real estate owners and occupiers recognize that real estate analytics generated by smart buildings and the Internet of Things can, if addressed properly, provide rapid insight that can be used for competitive advantage.

Devices such as the i-Watch, will provide further opportunities for the creative use of technology to drive operational efficiency, corporate productivity and real estate strategy."

Dr. Lee Elliott, Global Lead for Corporate Occupier Research

JLL is at the foresight of this trend. At MIPIM in March 2014, JLL hosted live demonstrations on how Google Glass might be used in commercial real estate in their beachfront marquee.

More recently, JLL's Data-centric CRE report explored how data-driven real estate will transform the productivity and profitability of companies and organizations implementing and embracing it.

Image credit: Ingfbruno via Wikimedia Commons | cc by-sa 3.0

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