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​​​​​​​​​​March Madness: Office pools for productivity

UK National Championship celebration (image)
Trocksuk4415 at English Wikipedia [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Tired of hearing about workplace design and productivity? You might not be if it means getting to embrace March Madness with your colleagues.

Research shows that 55 percent of Americans want to work for companies that use work-related gamification as an incentive to boost productivity. And while a NCAA office bracket might not be work-related, Forbes reports that the when employers embrace the three-week tournament, it can make a difference that goes beyond the Final Four: “This type of short-term tradeoff for long-term gain makes sense. It aims at making people happier at work. That’s because people who are happier at work tend to be more satisfied—and people who are more satisfied tend to be more productive.“ (“Stop The Insanity About NCAA March Madness Ruining Workplace Productivity,” March 17).

Not sold? We asked JLL’s People & Process Managing Director Michael Jordan (no, the basketball reference was not planned) to elaborate from a real estate perspective:

“Employees love participating in events like the Final Four bracket pools because these events appeal to a very broad range of game players: people who want to socialize, who want to achieve, and who want to compete. This robust and intense experience is unique; and because of the social aspects, it creates an undeniable engagement opportunity in the workplace. Employers don’t get a lot of these kinds of opportunitiesembrace them when they come along!”

So, as Forbes says, the challenge for employers is to figure out where to draw the line when it comes to indulging in March Madness at the office. Frowning upon it sends a message that the workplace is no place to have a little fun, which is no way to make people productive.

​Let the Madness in the office and on the basketball court begin!

You can follow JLL’s Michael Jordan (@thetravellingmj) for more People & Process insight.​