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San Francisco’s Moscone Center achieves LEED Gold certification

Project manager Jones Lang LaSalle to showcase Moscone energy and sustainability initiatives via interactive tour at Greenbuild 2012

San Francisco, Oct. 19, 2012 – San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee has announced Moscone Center has received LEED® Gold certification, the first convention center on the West Coast to attain the green building honor. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

“Moscone Center is a vital hub for our convention and tourism economy, and we are very proud to have the first convention center on the West Coast to earn LEED Gold for an existing building,” said Mayor Lee.  “This is now our City’s largest municipally-owned green building. Receiving LEED Gold on the Moscone Center demonstrates once again that San Francisco is at the center of sustainability and innovation.”

“We are proud to offer our customers the advanced level of sustainability that makes San Francisco stand out as a leading destination,” said San Francisco Travel Association President and CEO Joe D’Alessandro. “We know that meeting planners and attendees care about reducing the environmental impact of their events. The LEED Gold certification shows our commitment to the environment and the future.”

“Achieving LEED Gold certification underscores Moscone Center’s long track record of leadership in sustainability and its continuing contribution to San Francisco as a sustainable city,” said Dan Probst, Chairman of Energy and Sustainability Services at Jones Lang LaSalle. “By implementing energy and sustainability features and conducting the certification process, Jones Lang LaSalle joins other organizations that have helped to reduce Moscone Center’s environmental impact and enhance the well-being of people who gather there.”

The Moscone Center achieved LEED Gold for implementing practical and measurable strategies and solutions aimed at achieving high performance in sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

The renovation team including project managers Jones Lang LaSalle, architects HOK, general contractor Webcor Builders, project management team at Department of Public Works (DPW), San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), the San Francisco Department of Environment, convention center management SMG and the San Francisco Tourism Improvement District.

“The certification comes as a result of a $56 million renovation recently completed at the convention center. After an extensive study on building systems, over 250 corrective actions were employed,” said Director of Convention Facilities John Noguchi. “LEED Gold certification was our goal from the very beginning of the project.”

“Buildings are a prime example of how human systems integrate with natural systems,” said USGBC President, CEO and Founding Chair Rick Fedrizzi. “The Moscone Center project efficiently uses our natural resources and makes an immediate, positive impact on our planet, which will tremendously benefit generations to come.”

The Moscone Center’s sustainable renovation and design features and practices include:

Sustainable Sites

  • Nearly three quarters of all Moscone Center employees regularly commute using alternative transportation, reflecting San Francisco’s extensive and accessible public transit system.
  • The Moscone Center is within a short distance of more than 30,000 hotel rooms, giving show attendees the option to walk.
  • The unique below-ground location with parks and other facilities above helps on heating and cooling costs.

Water Efficiency

  • The installation of low-flow plumbing fixtures will reduce indoor water usage by more than 40 percent.
  • Moscone Center promotes "on the go" access to San Francisco's great tasting Hetch Hetchy Reservoir tap water with water bottle refilling stations, which also reduces waste from plastic bottles.

Energy Efficiency and Atmosphere

  • The 60,000 square foot solar array comprised of 5,400 photovoltaic modules on the rooftop of Moscone South generates five percent of the total building energy and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by an amount equivalent to annually planting 62 acres of trees.
  • Intelligent wireless lighting controls technology in lobbies is able to sense occupants and daylighting levels and adjust accordingly.
  • The unique below-ground design with parks and other facilities above also helps reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Energy efficiency is 33 percent above the national average for comparable facilities.
  • Use of CFC-based refrigerants has been eliminated.
  • Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Green-e Climate Verified Carbon Offsets equal to 50 percent of the building’s annual energy consumption were purchased and will save the equivalent of 5,385 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year or the equivalent of removing 1,056 passenger vehicles from the road or preventing the burning of 29.3 railcars of coal. 
  • In addition, the San Francisco Public Utility Commissions’ power used to serve San Francisco’s municipal facilities, including Moscone Center, is sourced primarily from 100 percent clean, green hydropower from the Hetch Hetchy system, as well as from small solar and biogas facilities.

Materials and Resources

  • Renovations diverted 150 tons of construction and demolition debris with an overall diversion rate of 76 percent attained.
  • Carpet, ceiling and restroom tile are all made from recycled content materials.
  • One hundred percent of furniture purchased during the renovation meets sustainable purchasing criteria.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • An improved green cleaning program documented that 94 percent of LEED-compliant cleaning products and chemicals purchased meet green cleaning criteria by dollars spent.
  • All paints and sealants are low in Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emitting materials. VOCs are known to damage the earth's ozone layer and contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Innovation in Operations

The San Francisco Travel Association is a private, not-for-profit organization that markets the city as a leisure, convention and business travel destination. With more than 1,500 partner businesses, San Francisco Travel is one of the largest membership-based tourism promotion agencies in the country. Tourism, San Francisco's largest industry, generates in excess of $8.4 billion annually for the local economy and supports over 71,000 jobs. For more information, call 415-974-6900 or visit

For Journalists and Bloggers: Onsite, Interactive Tour of Moscone During Greenbuild
To celebrate the greening of Moscone Center, Jones Lang LaSalle has created a web-enabled tour of the North and South Buildings especially for Greenbuild attendees, expected to number more than 30,000 this year in San Francisco November 14-16, 2012. Attendees will be able to learn about different sustainability features implemented at Moscone Center to lower carbon emissions, save energy and water, divert waste from landfills, reduce the use of chemicals, and achieve other environmental goals. 

Jones Lang LaSalle’s self-guided tour includes five sustainability stations where Greenbuild attendees with smartphones and other electronic devices can access web pages that briefly explain Moscone Center’s new green features. Some sustainability stations feature short video clips to transport participants to inaccessible areas like mechanical system rooms. Additionally, Greenbuild attendees who visit all five sustainability stations will be eligible to win prizes in a random drawing at the end of the three-day international conference.

Send Craig Bloomfield or Daisy Simmons an email to register as a Greenbuild media attendee and experience the tour first.

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