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Jones Lang LaSalle Joins BICEP Coalition to Address Global Energy Policy

As Sole Real Estate Industry Sector Member of Ceres, Jones Lang LaSalle is Sector’s First Firm to Participate in Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP)

CHICAGO, June 24, 2009 — Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE:JLL), the leading integrated financial and professional services firm specializing in real estate, today announced it has signed the Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) project developed by Ceres in cooperation with founding members such as Nike, Starbucks and Sun Microsystems.
Jones Lang LaSalle is the first real estate sector firm to sign onto BICEP, described as “a new arena for business involvement in advancing climate and energy policies to counter the far-reaching risks and challenges posed by global climate change.” Jones Lang LaSalle is also the sole real estate industry member of Ceres, a national coalition of organizations committed to addressing sustainability challenges.
“In joining BICEP, we at Jones Lang LaSalle are reinforcing our support for collaboration between government policy-makers and business leaders to reduce the environmental impact of business activities on the environment while remaining sensitive to business needs,” said Lauralee Martin, Chief Operating and Financial Officer of Jones Lang LaSalle.  “We are committed to act responsibly in our operations and to implement innovative energy management and sustainability solutions in the real estate services we deliver to clients.”
In April, Jones Lang LaSalle announced its global carbon footprint as well as the total reduction of carbon emissions the firm helped its clients achieve in 2008. The firm reported that in 2008 it was responsible for emitting an estimated 44,000 metric tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, equating to 3.2 tonnes per fulltime, non-reimbursable employee. During the same period, the firm helped clients reduce their carbon emissions by nearly 10 times that amount—more than 438,000 tonnes—and generated $95 million in energy savings for them.
Jones Lang LaSalle’s Energy and Sustainability Services professionals and management teams eliminated nearly 2.7 trillion British thermal units of energy consumption worldwide. This accomplishment resulted in reduced carbon emissions by an amount equal to the annual emissions of 80,000 cars or 40,000 households.  The company also reiterated its support of sustainability in its operations, evidenced by its acquisition of hybrid vehicles for its U.S. maintenance fleet as well as its continued support of ACT: A Cleaner Tomorrow, a firmwide program to educate and engage employees on environmentally conscious actions they can take at work and in their daily lives.
Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) was formed by Ceres in 2009 with the goal to work directly with key allies in the business community and with relevant members of Congress to pass meaningful energy and climate change legislation that is consistent with our core principles. BICEP offers a new arena for business involvement in advancing climate and energy policies to counter the far-reaching risks and challenges posed by global climate change. BICEP members believe that climate change will impact all sectors of the economy and that various business perspectives are needed to provide a full spectrum of viewpoints for solving the climate and energy challenges facing America.
About Ceres
Ceres is a leading coalition of investors, environmental groups and other public interest organizations working with companies to address sustainability challenges such as global climate change.  Ceres directs the $7 trillion Investor Network on Climate Risk.
About Jones Lang LaSalle
Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE:JLL) is a financial and professional services firm specializing in real estate. The firm offers integrated services delivered by expert teams worldwide to clients seeking increased value by owning, occupying or investing in real estate. With 2008 global revenue of $2.7 billion, Jones Lang LaSalle serves clients in 60 countries from 750 locations worldwide, including 180 corporate offices.  The firm is an industry leader in property and corporate facility management services, with a portfolio of approximately 1.4 billion square feet worldwide. LaSalle Investment Management, the company’s investment management business, is one of the world’s largest and most diverse in real estate with more than $46 billion of assets under management. For further information, please visit our Web site,
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