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Jones Lang LaSalle Launches New Business-Driven Portfolio Optimization Offering

PortfolioCommandSM represents a technology-enabled, fully integrated approach to portfolio management that leverages real-time scenario planning and business intelligence

CHICAGO, May 1, 2012 — Jones Lang LaSalle today announced that it has launched PortfolioCommandSM, a new offering that represents the integration of business strategy, transaction advisory and portfolio strategy. Featuring multi-disciplinary teams led by an embedded portfolio manager with training and experience in business, finance and transaction advisory, PortfolioCommandSM represents a fully integrated programmatic approach to portfolio optimization. This offering provides a powerful combination of expertise and technology that drives business results including improved sustainability outcomes; access to customers; talent attraction, retention and enablement; and increases in profitability and growth.

“In today’s complex and sometimes volatile business environment, real estate must focus on return on investment with a limited tolerance for risk,” according to Managing Director Kenneth Rudy. “PortfolioCommandSM delivers smart, confident and rapid decision-making, thanks to the integration of multi-disciplinary expertise with live data-driven scenario planning.”

The first in the industry to link both business strategy and portfolio strategy with transaction management and execution, PortfolioCommandSM combines strategic oversight and boots on the ground. The teams have the expertise and technology to run “live” business implication scenarios for either long-term or immediate decision-making (think: real estate impact from of a product line acquisition, corporate M&A, virtual workplace program roll-outs, etc.).

“We developed PortfolioCommandSM to engage business leaders in an informed dialogue that centers on value creation rather than just cost reduction,” asserts Elaine Melonides, Managing Director at Jones Lang LaSalle, “What used to take weeks now happens in real time, ensuring and measuring ROI, informing capital planning, improving team productivity and speed to market.” 

How It Works
At the center of PortfolioCommandSM is a certified and trained portfolio manager who has deep expertise in the disciplines of business strategy, analytics, transaction execution and performance management. Fully supported by advanced technology and customized for each organization, the dashboard visually demonstrates how the real estate portfolio is being impacted by current HR, IT, transaction, macroeconomic and market data – or how it might be impacted should factors change.

Using smart technology to elevate corporate real
estate performance
As an industry leader in transaction advisory services and portfolio optimization, providing services to more than 250 major corporations totaling 1.8 billion square feet of real estate globally, Jones Lang LaSalle is committed to developing solutions that combine smart technology with professional expertise and global execution. 
As part of the Integrated Facilities Management platform, late last year Jones Lang LaSalle also introduced another new offering: IntelliCommand, which offers real-time monitoring and control of facilities enabled by smart technology from Pacific Controls. With these two complementary advancements, the firm has created key milestones in the corporate real estate function’s ability to deliver value.

Additional Resources
As the world of real estate evolves, Jones Lang LaSalle continues to develop new products and services to accommodate the changing environment. The firm’s best-in-class service lines include transaction advisory services, strategic consulting, business location consulting, call center services, engineering and operations, energy and sustainability services, supply chain management and contract administration, client accounting, technology, legal and human resources.

You can learn more about PortfolioCommandSM on its landing page, or watch this video about how it works.  You can also watch video blogs from Jones Lang LaSalle about PortfolioCommandSM filmed during the CoreNet Global Summit April 29 – May1, 2012.

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