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Healthcare Experts Address Merger & Acquisition Activity and Tie the Industry Pressures Directly to Real Estate Solutions in New Video Blogs Series

Jones Lang LaSalle Invites Media to Connect to New Content on You Tube Healthcare Playlist

Jones Lang LaSalle healthcare experts are taking the industry’s greatest challenges and opportunities head on in a new video blog (vlog) series—now available for media view and share via websites and social media channels.  In the vlogs, Jones Lang LaSalle’s experts cite the results of a recently released study that links healthcare real estate strategy and improved system performance. The vlogs, featuring Peter Bulgarelli, Sydney Scarborough, Scot Latimer, Richard Taylor and Jason Clark, detail opportunities for healthcare systems to improve financial, operational and competitive results through a centralized approach to facilities management.

The media is invited to view and post any of the six video blog interviews that address the role real estate plays in helping to eliminate costs and drive money to the bottom line. The end result is these savings can have a significant impact on a health system’s effort to improve profitability and patient care. Click the hyperlinked titles of each clip below to view Jones Lang LaSalle’s healthcare features on its dedicated You Tube Healthcare Playlist and subscribe to receive the latest postings:
  • Dollars That Make Sense to Healthcare Systems:  Healthcare systems are at a cross-roads with revenues declining and costs increasing; the industry needs a solution now.  Peter Bulgarelli, Chief Operating Officer, Jones Lang LaSalle, discusses the Real Estate Performance Model his firm created that categorizes the way healthcare systems manage their real estate and property assets. Strategic real estate and facilities management initiatives, according to Bulgarelli, can save $10 million of cost, which equates to revenue generation of $330 million for a healthcare system. These are dollars that have a huge impact on healthcare systems.
  • Real Estate: More Than a Means to an End in Healthcare:  Healthcare systems under pressure have traditionally focused on reducing cost through revenue cycle management and through mergers and acquisitions that rationalize operations and remove costs from the system. Sydney Scarborough, Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle, describes the firm’s independent study that demonstrated how hospital systems can enhance patient care by strategically managing their real estate assets. She also makes a strong case that real estate should be a C-suite issue as it directly impacts patient care which is too important to delegate down the corporate ladder.
  • Maximum Advantage:  A recent study of 40 U.S. healthcare systems found that 4 out to 5 healthcare systems are not maximizing their real estate facilities. Jason Clark, Managing Director, Healthcare Solutions Group, describes the significant opportunities available to healthcare systems to eliminate cost and improve their cash positions through a fresh look at real estate operations.
  • Making Healthcare Real Estate Profitable:  Merger and acquisition activity has occurred at a feverish pace in the healthcare industry because of the significant cost and profitability issues being faced by management. Richard Taylor, Managing Director, Healthcare Solutions Group, Jones Lang LaSalle, discusses merger and acquisition activity and advises how healthcare system leadership can utilize capital asset strategies to re-think their real estate in terms of profitability, and not loss. 
  • Under Pressure:  Healthcare reform has placed tremendous pressure on the healthcare industry.  Richard Taylor, Managing Director, Healthcare Solutions Group, Jones Lang LaSalle discusses the impact “predictable uncertainty” has on healthcare real estate, as well as the impact of unemployment and the congressional plan for deficit reduction. 
  • Shifting Delivery Systems:  The landscape for hospital development has shifted considerably over the last several years with the tightening of the credit markets. Scot Latimer, Managing Director, Healthcare Solutions Group, Jones Lang LaSalle discusses some of the other changes in the landscape, most notably the shift in the healthcare delivery system as organizations look to create more effective operations.  

The Jones Lang LaSalle vlogs are available on the firm’s Healthcare Playlist. View now and sign up to receive alerts when new volumes in the series are posted:

If you are interested in interviewing these experts or discussing how to repost these video blogs to your website, please contact Michael Millar at 312-644-7211 (

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