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Jones Lang LaSalle’s Innovative Orion Tool Earns SRC Analytics’ Award for Best Practices, Geographic Business Intelligence

Orion Provides Leading-Edge Analytical Labor Force and Site Selection Information

CHICAGO, April 20, 2009 — Jones Lang LaSalle, the leading integrated financial and professional services firm specializing in real estate, announced that Orion, its leading-edge geographic business intelligenceÔ platform, earned the SRC Client and Partner Award for Best Practices, Geographic Business Intelligence.  SRC, LLC, the leading provider of Geographic Business Intelligence technology, recently presented the award at its Extend 2009 global customer and partner conference in Broomfield, CO. Orion was recognized for its superior and seamless, automated site-selection and advanced labor force modeling process within SRC’s Alteryxâ to serve clients worldwide.
“Jones Lang LaSalle created Orion to help our clients develop a proactive location strategy based on current and predictive cost factors, labor force dynamics, business friendliness and operating environment considerations,” explained Jessica Hayden, Senior Vice President of Jones Lang LaSalle.
“Orion integrates client-specific data points and adjusts factor weightings for each location, ultimately creating a ranking of the best locations,” added Dr. Wayne Gearey, Vice President of Global Location Solutions at Jones Lang LaSalle.
Orion helps identify:
• If the client can achieve savings by consolidating operations;
• The qualitative/quantitative trade-offs between potential locations;
• The potential level of risk a market presents;
• The future durability of a location’s workforce;
• The quantity and quality of labor in specific markets or sub-markets; and
• The potential for negotiated incentives.
Named after a mythological hunter, Orion covers 361 major metro areas in the country and provides information on such variables as cost of living, availability of labor, sustainability of labor, geographical skill levels and crime.  The program also provides statistical projections for two, five, 10 or more years down the road. 
"Jones Lang LaSalle has done amazing work with SRC’s geographic business intelligence technology, and we are proud to recognize their efforts," said Dean Stoecker, SRC chief executive officer. "Their innovation will help companies everywhere make the smartest use of information insights to cut costs and maximize revenue during this challenging economy."
The SRC Client and Partner Awards are given annually to the organizations that have most effectively deployed SRC technologies into their business practices or have demonstrated expertise to help SRC continue to provide the best solutions to its customers.
To find out how Orion can help you strategically analyze your location decisions, please contact Ms. Hayden ( – 312/228-2744) or Dr. Gearey ( - 972/361-5092).
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