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News release

Chicago, IL.

Jones Lang LaSalle Pioneers Retail Portfolio Branding with Brand 3D Program Management Service

Streamlined re-branding service combines design and project management into one seamless process that boosts return on investment in unique ways.

CHICAGO, April 11, 2011 – Jones Lang LaSalle announced today the official launch of Brand 3D, a program management service that combines the design and implementation phases of a retail concept development, rebranding and remodeling initiatives into one integrated, start-to-finish process. The Brand 3D approach creates significant efficiencies in cost, timing and quality control by maximizing input from all stakeholders and eliminating communication gaps throughout the process.

“Brand 3D provides an optimal solution for retailers by combining our market-leading project management process with the design process,” said Adam Cook, Senior Project Manager in the Project and Development Services group at Jones Lang LaSalle. “Bringing in the project management at the outset creates seamless communication that helps to clarify the brand message and drive direct benefits to the retailer.” 

Benefits include:

Direct cost savings – The project management team can often identify design elements and materials that will produce the same effect as more expensive elements. When the project manager is brought in after the design firm has done its job, it becomes more difficult to make cost-effective changes that conform to the designer’s vision.

Shorter project timeline – The project manager does not lose any time interpreting a design when he or she has been involved in the design process. Often, the project manager can order materials and make other preparations during the design phase to allow implementation to occur more quickly.

Avoidance of problems – In some instances, the project manager may be aware of issues during implementation that designers might miss. In other cases, the designer’s vision could be misinterpreted by a project manager who has not been part of the design process. When mistakes occur, it is often the result of miscommunications such as these. An integrated process helps avoid these minor problems, and occasionally can head off a truly costly mistake.

For example, when two firms in the same business merged a few years ago, the signage had to be changed at thousands of retail locations. The new design looked great on paper, but the project manager cautioned that the signs would be difficult to read from the street. Unfortunately, the signs had already been created and the project moved forward. Within days of installation, store managers were complaining and the signage had to be quickly redesigned and reinstalled, at a cost of millions of dollars. An integrated approach such as Brand 3D almost certainly would have avoided the mistake, saving the newly merged firm considerable time, money and embarrassment.

Return on Investment – In addition to streamlining processes and helping clients make smarter decisions, the Brand 3D approach ensures that branding creates a customer experience that drives revenue. As program managers, the Brand 3D team is adept at aligning high-impact brand experiences across all aspects of the organization, from brick-and-mortar real estate to website and marketing campaigns to customer service and even product development. 

“We provide a kit-of-parts approach, which in part means the process is scalable to diverse portfolios,” Cook said. “We can utilize a client’s existing research or conduct our own research to determine which locations have the greatest potential for sales increases. That information allows us to leverage the client’s overall budget by programming different investment levels based on the revenue opportunity for each store. This model takes ROI to an entirely new level.”

Rebranding 3,100 Stores

The official launch of Brand 3D follows the successful completion of several assignments where Jones Lang LaSalle partnered with world-class design firms, proving that the concept delivers efficiencies.  Those successes have cemented preferred partner relationships in situations where Brand 3D and the design firm may pursue new business as a team, or either firm may refer the other. The Brand 3D team is also able to work with any design firm that a retail client prefers.

As an example of how Brand 3D works, Jones Lang LaSalle teamed up with leading retail designer Chute Gerdeman in 2010 to create a new brand identity for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), which operates 3,100 stores and restaurants on U.S. military bases. In the past, these stores were known by various names, such as the “PX.”  Chute Gerdeman took the lead in creating a new name—The Exchange—a more inviting identity and store layouts, while the Brand 3D team suggested materials and ideas to make the build-out more efficient and enhance the customer experience. As a result of this collaboration, the cost of the rebranding was dramatically reduced, and the implementation of the new brand was accomplished on an abbreviated timetable.

In addition, Jones Lang LaSalle has fully integrated its U.S.-based Brand 3D team with its global Project and Development Services (PDS) group, encompassing more than 2,000 project managers worldwide. The Brand 3D concept grew out of PDS’s Multi-Site Project Management capability, which utilizes sophisticated software and expertise-sharing to simultaneously, manage hundreds or thousands of similar projects, including branding initiatives, technology rollouts, signage changes following a merger. 

“It is critical to effectively manage several different components when creating a new brand identity,” said Kelly Kilboy, Vice President of Jones Lang LaSalle Project and Development Services. “Brand 3D melds the key components of a portfolio branding together to drive maximum return on the branding investment, and also avoid costly missteps for our clients.”

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