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Life Sciences Companies

Evolving ahead of the industry
Finding the right IFM partner to manage regulated spaces

Jones Lang LaSalle brings you in-depth insight from experts across the life sciences industry. This month we discuss regulated enviornments. Organizations are being pressured to reduce costs at manufacturing and research sites while the FDA increasingly expects faster access to more data from these regulated facilities. To meet these challenges, many are considering ways to shift management of these regulated spaces to real estate service firms with platforms designed to minimize cost and maximize control over data. But, considering how vital facilities operations are to life science companies, are they simply trading one set of risks for another?

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Why is it important to evolve?
For years, life sciences organizations have managed their own regulated environments. However, with increased pressure to drive efficiency and cost savings, there is new interest in outsourcing these spaces. As portfolios become more disparate geographically and across business units, it is becoming more difficult to centralize data and operating procedures. Outsourcing can bring new expertise, best practices, technology, training programs and standard operating procedures—enabling life sciences organizations to be audit-ready for the FDA.


How can you evolve?
Having the right IFM partner can be the difference between reaching your goal and missing the mark.

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How can you choose the right partner?
Equipment failure can potentially bring down a research facility, causing every life science organization’s worst nightmare.

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