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Location Intelligence

Maximize financial performance of the real estate portfolio is only half the battle

It is projected that by 2014 there will be upwards of 32 million insured patients. This rise in demand brings a competitive pressure to systems to provide the best outpatient service, care and experience to win market share. We help you improve the quality of care and service to your patients through facility placement, management and operational flow. We have hired scientists who understand population health, migrations, supply and demand. We provide statistical, evidence-generated and definitive conclusions with location intelligence that are tested and proven to drive more patients to your group.

Our experts can scan the healthcare ecosystem, evaluate complex correlations among vast amounts of population health data, address variables when problem-solving and arrive at location solutions, which save money and improve patient care.

Market Analysis

Macro analysis

Our experts use demographics to understand the state of the industry and population health trends. Displayed below is an example of macro analysis, a migration in population health. In just six South and West states, it is projected that 180,000 bed are going to be needed over the next 20 year, which equals to building 175 new beds a week.

Location Intelligence macro analysis (image)

Micro analysis

Our experts rank markets and provide evidence-based solutions for locating and validating healthcare service opportunities. Outdated services and facility networks are not positioned to capitalize on population growth. Micro analysis identifies hotspots for healthcare service demand. Based on the hotspots, we create custom models to define service area, validate individual sites for a system and predict future demand.

Location Intelligence micro analysis (image)

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