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MIT's CRE Real Estate Innovation Lab

​JLL is leading into the future as a founding partner of MIT’s Real Estate Innovation Lab (REIL). We’re putting our money where our mouth is—investing heavily in digital, data and information-management capabilities and research. This partnership with MIT reinforces our culture of innovation and helps us generate new ideas and advanced technologies for our clients.

We’re always looking for every edge we can get to deliver a better forecast, a better outlook, a better view of what’s coming in the horizon for CRE.

Ben Breslau, International Director of Research, JLL

What is the REIL?

MIT’s REIL is a research and development lab focused on innovation in the built environment that directly links to economic impact including:

We are thrilled to have an industry leader like JLL partner with us and help us connect research to practical applications in the field.

Dr. Andrea Chegut, MIT REIL Director, Research Scientist

Staying ahead of the curve

Explore the future of the built environment

MIT research has already eliminated how the expectation of tech products changes through the cycle and the hype cycle will be a framework for the industry to track and harness innovation impact.

How collaboration with MIT creates a better future for real estate

The big change is that technology has shifted from niche to ubiquitous. That shift has created a mandate for continuous innovation. We’re leaning in and embracing the opportunity to be at the forefront of positive change.

Forecasting the future of commercial real estate

Imagine a future where 3D printing and robotics create buildings that build themselves. Where connected global databases use blockchain to execute traditional title and transaction services. Where tenants come to work and leave their cars in autonomous parking structures.

​Perspective from MIT's World Real Estate Forum

An old-fashioned science fair to showcase a wave of new innovation at MIT’s Real Estate Innovation Lab

On the second day of MIT’s World Real Estate Forum, a packed room of industry professionals learned from some of the lab’s best and brightest researchers about just what they are working on and the impact of their findings.

Blockchain: From buzzword to viable business, breaking down one of real estate’s hottest topics

The dictionary definition of blockchain is “a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly.” Clear enough, right? Well, not exactly.

Debt, equity, and innovation: How global capital influences future development

With growing contribution levels from pension funds, as well as an increase in cross-border investment, more and more investors are bidding on projects. But where to place that capital, while maximizing returns and taking appropriate levels of risk, is what keeps institutional managers up at night.