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Our new exciting partnership

Welcome to Jones Lang LaSalle Property Management    

During our 225 years in the Property Management business, Jones Lang LaSalle has refined our management service based on what our clients and tenants tell us is most important. We are committed to maintaining secure, comfortable and productive work environments for all of the workers and guests in the building we manage.
As a unified team, JLL and Means Knaus Partners will better serve our tenants by enhancing our property management service offering. You’ll now benefit from Lang LaSalle’s integrated global services platform including its deep resources, cutting-edge tools and broad-reaching connections.
There will likely be no changes to the onsite Management and Service team with whom you have become familiar during your tenancy. Our commitment to creating a seamless transition while servicing your needs will continue as will our dedication to providing you with the highest level and quality of services.
Your onsite team’s telephone numbers will remain the same; however, the e-mail addresses are new and different.

 Q&A: frequently asked questions

Q: Will I still submit works orders the same way? Q: Will we still have the same building engineers? Q: Will any of the vendors at the building change? Q: Does this affect my lease in any way? Q: Will I need to update my certificate of Insurance? Q: Do I still send my rent to the same place? Q: How can I contact a member of my management team? Q: How can I contact a member of Jones Lang LaSalle?