Continually optimize your buildings to run at peak performance while reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Real estate and facility teams are under increasing pressure to aggressively manage costs, risks and energy consumption while enabling growth and productivity. In turn, they need innovative solutions to improve efficiency and lower costs without sacrificing service levels or taking on more risk.

That’s where IntelliCommandSM comes in. IntelliCommand is JLL’s industry-leading monitoring-based commissioning platform. It provides real-time monitoring and building optimization that allows you to make optimal decisions around building performance.

With IntelliCommand at work, our portfolio energy experts analyze the captured building data using advanced algorithms in order to identify trends, patterns and anomalies that often go undetected. Seamless work order integration combined with our facility management expertise dramatically improves building operations and occupant satisfaction.

How it works

With IntelliCommand, you’re able to:

  • Reduce energy costs and permanently maintain peak building performance over time
  • Work smarter by getting to root problems faster by knowing in advance how to solve the problem
  • Improve occupant satisfaction and productivity by enhancing the workplace environment with optimal working conditions
  • Integrate with work order management system for complete resolution to building operations issues
  • Avoid downtime risk by catching potential component failures before they happen
  • Extend equipment life for additional operational cost savings
  • Help to meet sustainability goals with reduced emissions

Powering ambitions

Procter & Gamble (P&G)

To achieve aggressive efficiency, sustainability and savings goals, Procter & Gamble (P&G) piloted IntelliCommand in a group of laboratories, offices and mixed-use facilities in North America. After one year, P&G achieved energy costs savings of 10 percent across all properties, and their initial investment in the technology was returned after only 3 months. They have expanded the use of IntelliCommand globally to buildings around the world covering over 9 million square feet.

311 South Wacker

At 311 South Wacker in Chicago, IntelliCommand was seamlessly integrated into the multi-tenant trophy tower for real-time remote monitoring and building optimization. The entire project only took approximately eight weeks.

Impressed by the project’s speedy installation and energy savings, ComEd awarded 311 South Wacker utility rebates totaling $402,318.50 — the largest energy incentive check for a commercial building in history. 

It also resulted in a 30% energy reduction for HVAC equipment an annual energy savings of 2.35 million kWh; 20% reduction in hot/cold calls and an ROI in 1.7 years.

Leading research

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