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Why are changing retail trends increasing the complexity of land-based store decisions?

​​​​​​The best decisions are made when you look at the complete picture behind modern retail trends. Our research helps keep you on track with the latest consumer insights that help forecast the future of the industry.

Screens to stores

​Learn more about store strategies for the 51 once online-only retailers and why even more online retailers are expected to experiment with physical locations over the next five years.

Let's take this offline

Online-only sales strategies may represent the ultimate in flexibility and cost cutting, but a growing number of web-only retailers are planting a stake in old-fashioned, bricks and mortar storefronts to maximize their sales.

Where we buy

Some say that the U.S. should look to China to understand the future of shopping. Discover what online shopping is like in China, and where e-commerce there is headed.

Destination Retail

Examine the presence of 240 international retail brands across 140 retail cities, and gain insights for your own international retail expansion.

Consumer market research

To help you stay ahead, we must be ahead. We do this by pairing global expertise with in-depth regional and local market data worldwide, and by analyzing the key attributes at the heart of successful retail.​​

 Questions? Contact our experts:

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Americas Director of Research, Retail

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Director, Head of Retail Research (UK & EMEA)

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