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Tiers of service

From site selection consulting to transaction management, pick the services that benefit you the most.

​​​Tier One

$500 per request

  • General market info
  • Trends
  • Regional rent analysis

Tier Two

Minimum fee of $5,000 per completed transaction*

  • Lease renewal
  • Retail market information
  • Base rent plus additional cost estimates on competing opportunities
  • Retail trends locally and regionally
  • Negotiate new business terms and work with legal counsel to negotiate your final lease document

Tier Three

Minimum fee of $7,000 per completed transaction*

  • Site specific competition maps
  • Demographic information
  • Trade area maps with radius rings on site(s) and competition
  • Recruit and secure a top local broker via JLL network or outside partner
  • Manage, organize and provide review of all site-related documentation including LOI, work letter, site submittal package
  • Review lease(s) to insure all business terms are incorporated and accurate
  • Communicate with franchisee and franchisor through out process to insure objectives are met

*In the event the landlord refuses to pay a brokerage fee, or the fee is not substantial enough to cover the costs of executing the transaction, the tenant will provide a minimum fee.