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A winning partnership

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We’ve been working with the State of Tennessee since 2013, when the state awarded us a 5-year contract to manage about 10% of its owned facilities. We're on track to deliver $40 million in Tennessee taxpayer savings by July 2017.

In May 2017, we entered into a new agreeme​nt with the State. Now, all Tennessee state agencies and public higher education institutions are empowered to opt in to receive JLL’s facilities management services.​ Why should you? We manage more than 1.2 billion square feet of facilities across sectors nationwide, and typically deliver 8-15% cost reductions within one year.​​​​​

Why you should partner with JLL

Taxpayer savings

We started our partnership with the State of Tennessee with ambitious cost savings and customer satisfaction goals. As of June 2016, we’ve saved the state more than $26 million. We’re on track to save $50 million for tax payers by 2018.

97% occupant satisfaction

We strive for excellence, so whenever we complete a maintenance request, we ask for tenant feedback. Surveys at our Tennessee-owned facilities show a 97% satisfaction rating with our facility management services.

Energy and operational efficiency

We don’t just manage facilities. We find creative ways to improve their operations and reduce their environmental impact. In Tennessee alone, we’ve: saved more than 2,400 trees, a million gallons of water and nearly 300 barrels of oil; reduced electricity use by 600,000 kwh; and kept 430 cubic yards of waste out of local landfills.

Respect for employees

We owe our success to the hardworking people we employ. We're consistently recognized as a best place to work, one of the World’s Most Admired Companies and one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies​. We provide employees with continuing training and education, career opportunities, and competitive compensation and benefits policies.​​​​

Our plan for transitioning public employees

When you elect to participate in the program, we’ll offer all onsite employees the opportunity to work for us. Once they’re on board, employees will receive world-class professional training to be sure th​ey operate all buildings safely and effectively. We also provide professional development and growth opportunities.


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The State of Tennessee and JLL drive value through partnership

Now in the fourth year of our contract with the state, we continue to improve the condition, safety, and efficiency of Tennessee’s facilities and deliver cost savings. See the results of our work together over time in these annual reports.

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Our experience and expertise in facility management for higher education institutions

A campus is like a village, with unique facilities for living, learning and playing. Our experience spans them all, from student housing and research labs to mixed-use gateways and sports stadiums.

We’ve completed more than 1,000 projects with over 250 colleges and universities. Our 16,500 facility engineers have 1.4 billion square feet under management, including more than 800 critical or specialized facilities. Here’s what we’ve delivered:

  • 4.1 billion in cumulative energy savings since 2007
  • 8-15% reductions in facility management costs within one year
  • 100% compliance with building codes
  • 1.03 OSHA recordable injury rate–3x better than the industry average

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